Contest Hunt The Birds

BIRDS are so popular motive, to professional and even more to amateur photographers! So, the contest was fairly popular, and more important, it attracted the authors to post their best birds' images! So, the average quality was very solid and many images go well into excitement zone! 

After long considering, we have the final results and awards! 


Josip Madračević

Suzana Čelić


Best Motive: 

Josip Ledinščak

 Iva Buzdon



Marijan Forgač

Technical Excellence: 

Željko Krnčević


Ivan Kosić


Ana Jovanović

Lighthunters Awards:

Jasna Bužimkić, Vedran Vrtlar, Željka Gracin, 

Vesna Karavanić, Živana Petković Selimović

We congratulate awarded photographers and thank all for participating with their best bird images! 

Please, take the time to watch the contest presentation! Enjoy the world of birds! 


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