LHW00010_Jasna Bužimkić

Jasna Bužimkić is one of the more popular photographers from younger generation! The fact is, wherewer Jasna appears with her photograps, she gets instant and constant recognition fron fellow photographers, amateur and pros alike! She earns and collects praises, awards and high rankings in photo community, and there's nothing to be surprized about! Jasna gives her best to photography! And gets similar in return! 

Nearing her 25th birthday, she has gained worldwide many followers who like her unique style, excellent photo technique and senzibility! That IS an achievement! And it came from her talent and her willingness to learn, study, experiment and apply her own creative ideas into work until the satisfaction with resulting photography is unconditionally perfect! 

And when I speak of perfection, Jasna mastered framing, composition, excellent focusing and bokeh! Ad her unique mood and style, that so many people adore, and you get a world of fantasy, no matter what the motive is!

Instead telling you many more stories about Jasna and her art photography, there is much better solution to let you simply sit and enjoy 100 Jasna's excellent photographs! 


Visit Jasna's web galleries and enjoy:

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