LHW00005_Siniša Almaši

Siniša is very talented, passionated and worldwide multiply awarded nature photographer from Daruvar, Croatia! He joined Lighthunters site right after we opened it! 

Siniša is also one of the most consistent participants of our daily contests, winner of many awards here! 

And, most important, Siniša is photographer who presents us the Nature and it's beauties in a most natural way, restraining from any unnecessary image processing - keeping Nature natural!

Enjoy the following presentation of Siniša Almaši Photography! After all, you'll witness the images taken by Prince of The Forests, as we call our new Lighthunter of the Week! 


You can follow Siniša Almaši Photography at: 

 Lightunters - Members - Siniša Almaši 


 Facabook Siniša Almaši Photography