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Veronika Salopek, 18 years old, from Rijeka, Croatia. Photoamateur, My camera is mobile phone! Visit my gallery and keep visiting. And I'll do my best to make your visits worth! 

Veronika: Peace

Veronika; Ride

Veronika: Sleep

 Peace Ride Sleep
Veronika Salopek: Feather

Veronika Salopek: Fluffy

Veronika Salopek: Foreground

  Feather  Fluffy  Foreground

Veronika: Departing, 2012

Veronika: My Way, 2012
Veronika: Tell Me, 2012

Departing into LifeMy WayTell Me

Veronika Salopek

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Digital camera:
SonyEricsson XPERIA mobile phone