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My name is Sinisa Almasi. I was born 1975 in Osijek. I've been an amateur photographer over the last three years. My greatest inspiration in nature, because only it can peace my mind and reassure calmness in this fast-paced world. My motifs are simple, pure and natural, without adding anything in the shot. I think that nature offers just enough beauty to anyone who really likes it and enjoys it. And, every day people try to limit the nature and it's fascinating beauty...

Siniša: Life Struggle, 2012

Siniša: Love Wins, 2012

Siniša: New Life

  Life Struggle  Love Wins  View into New Life
Siniša Almaši: No Crossing

Siniša Almaši: New Life, 2012

Siniša Almaši: Reflections, 2012

  No Crossing  New Life Reflections 

Siniša Almaši: Today I met Him, 2012
Siniša Almaši: Lost World, 2012
Siniša Almaši: Silent Autumn, 2012

Today I met HimLost WorldSilent Autumn

Siniša Almaši

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