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Hi! I am Prachi More, from Mumbai, India.
I am simple & full of life girl love to have clear thoughts & simple life
Short story: I discovred my passion for photography vai mobile photography and lost myself in I belive Hobbies are the best to get engagged with because they never leave you alone.
Thanks & Regards

Prachi More: Lamp, 2012

Prachi More: Fall, 2012

Prachi More: Lock, 2012

 Lamp Fall Lock
Prachi: White Beauty

Prachi: Sunset

Prachi: Colors

  White Beauty  Sunset  Colors
Prachi: Secret Life

Prachi: Space Travel

Prachi: Sailing

  Secret Life  Space Travel  Sailing

Prachi: Playing Colors

Prachi: Beach Life
Prachi: Cheerfull
Playing ColorsBeach LifeCheerfull

Prachi More

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Nokia N73 mobile phone