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Paola Nicović (Romanova), from Serbia. I find photographic inspiration in my daughter Vanja! 

Paola: Paprika

Paola: Little Big

Paola: Retro

 Paprika Little and Big Retro
Paola: Fig

Paola: Wheel of Fortune

Paola: Open Sesame

 Fig Wheel of FortuneOpen Sesame
Paola: Perfect Peace

Paola: The Spot

Paola: Next DImension

  Perfect Peace  The Spot  Next Dimension

Paola Nicović: Crveno - Volim Crveno

Paola Nicović: Tiger, 2011

Paola Nicovi
Red -  I Love RedTigerOne and Only
Paola Nicović: Cold Winter, 2011
Paola Nicović: Lake House
Paola Nicović: Vanja
 Cold WinterLake HouseVanja

Paola Nicović, Serbia

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