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Marija Djedovic, from Serbia. Photography is just my hobby. Love to capture images of fruit, flowers, interesting details... and to combine them with my poetry...
Love colours, as u can see in my galleries...
Enjoy in my photo world:)

Marija Djedović: Dancers

Marija Djedović: Blues, 2012
Marija Djedović: Feel the rain... 2012
DancersBlue(s)Feel the rain...
Marija Djedović: Crashed...
Marija Djedović: Deep blue
Marija Djedović, The flower of love

 CtrashedDeep BlueThe flower of love
Marija Djedović, Spring, 2012


Marija Djedović: Colors... 2012.

Marija Djedović: Summertime. 2012.


Marija Djedović

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Marija's equipment: 

DSLR camera:
Nikon D60