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Branka Daniela Hrženjak, born in Osijek, studied in Zagreb, living in Varaždin, Croatia. I was introduced to photography as a young girl by my father, and that love and passion remained over my whole life. Now I enjoy photography with my husband Joško, my children Daniel and Zrinka. It seems that that times are ahead, when my granddaughter Magdalena will follow the family tradition, too! 

Daniela: Flood

Daniela: Hidden

Daniela: Zagorje

 Flood Hidden Zagorje

Daniela: Gorski kotar

Daniela: Bijele stijeme

Daniela: Kamačnik

  Gorski kotar  Bijele stijene (White Rocks)  Kamačnik

Branka Daniela Hrženjak

Branka Daniela Hrženjak

Branka Daniela Hrženjak
Magdalena and Her FriendCountry RoadBeautiful Drava

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