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Tigi and Beltane

Jadranka Bužimkić - @Beltane and Tigi team photography page! We present our team photo works here. Each photography  here is a teamwork, where one of us shoot the image and another one processed it. Click on aniy image  below to see it in a full screen size! :) 

Beltane and Tigi: Splash - Time Lapse, 2013

Belatane and Tigi: The Cascade, 2013

Beltane and Tigi: Timed Play - Time Lapse. 2013

 Splash The Cascade Timed Play

Beltane and Tigi: Autumn Glow

Beltane and TIgi: Red Forest

Beltane and Tigi: Lost
Autumn GlowRed ForestLost in the Woods


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Team's equipment: 

Analog Cameras:
Nikon F55

Digital cameras:
Canon, Olympus

DSLR camera:
Canon EOS350D

Canon EF 50 mm II
Canon EF 85 mm 1:1.8
Canon EF 90-300mm