LH of the Week

Lighthunter of the Week is our way to thank the photographers for their valuable photography works! 

Sep 14th 2013 Francesca Delbianco, young and very talented photographer from Rovinj, Istra, Croatia (EU) is our new LH of the Week! Her most impressive works include concert photography, portraits and fine art photography of the still objects!

Technically at very high level, Francesca's photography develops her stories into so many different ways, being a fine blend of deepest emotions and raw energy at once.

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September 14, 2013 Francesca Delbianco LHW00012_Francesca Delbianco 
August 27, 2013 Željko Krnčević LHW00011_Željko Krnčević 
August 1, 2013 Jasna Bužimkić LHW00010_Jasna_Bužimkić 
July 18, 2013 Dennis Czund LHW00009_Dennis Czund 
July 8, 2013 Ana Gašparović LHW00008_Ana_Gašparović 
June 27, 2013 Zdenko Balog LHW00007-Zdenko_Balog 
June 12, 2013 Mirela Korolija LHW00006 Mirela Korolija 
June 1, 2013 Siniša Almaši LHW00005 - Siniša Almaši 
May 23, 2013 Marija Djedović LHW00004 - Marija Djedović 
May 15, 2013 Wolf Kopčić LHW00003 _ Wolf Kopčić 
May 8, 2013 Vanja Vukadinović LHW00002 - Vanja Vukadinović 
May 1, 2013 Marijan Pribilović - Pribi LHW00001 - Marijan Pribilović 
Showing 12 items