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Contest Hunt Yourself

Selfpotraits and assisted portaits day! Our Lighthunters and Friends presented images of themselves today. Some were true self portraits. Other were shot by friends or fellow photographers. Many images would not pass for a portrait, but we accepted them all for the first time of running such contest.

Most Liked Image Award winner is Lantana Jovanović.

Lantana Jovanović

Self portraits: 

Artistic Impression Award winner is Vanja Vukadinović

Vanja Vukadinović

Technical Excellence Award winner is Jasna Bužimkić.

Jasna Bužimkić

Best Motive Award winner is Tea Kidjemet.

Tea Keđimet

Assisted portraits (by other photographers):

Best Motive Award winner is Anton Pinčić, photo by Tihomir Franov

Anton Pinčić / Tihomir Franov

Art Impression Award winner is Emina Kos, photo by Josipa Damjanović

Emina Kos

Technical Excellence Award Winner is Višnja Kasagić, photo by Nele.

Višnja Kasagić

Best B&W Portrait: Marin Šermina Pitton.

MArin Šermina Pitton

Best Processing Award winner is Mara Divljakuša.

MAra Divljakuša

Best Editing Award winner is Mirela Korolija.

Mirela Korolija

Witty Portrait Award winner is Josip Madračević.

Josip Madračević

We congratulate the awarded photographers and models, as well! 

All contestants are presented in the following slide show! Enjoy it! :)


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