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Contest Hunt Watches

Uppredictability, that's the right word! Watches, all kinds of them, present ideal motive for all photographers, regardless of their skill levels! So we expected WATCHES to be one of our most popular and most visually intriguing contests. But the response was mild and most photographers decided to post ordinary images instead of creative and exciting ones. 

For those creative minority, there are - awards! 

Art Photography Award:
Dina Bužimkić

Dina Bužimkić

Diego Tikulin

Diego Tikulin

Technical Excellence Award:
Zdenko Balog

Zdenko Balog

Darko Šušovček

Darko Šušovček

Image Processing Award:
Danijela Bolanča

Danijela Bolanča

Jasna Bužimkić

Jasna Bužimkić

B&W Photo Award:
Dragutin Vrbanec, Nevenka Zajc Medica

Beszt Motive Award:
Snježana Glavurdić, Marija Djedović

Collage Award:
Helena Baričević

Photo of the Day:
Ankica Magačić

Lighthunters Awards: 

Jasmina Paraker, Kristina Klunić Bolković, Margarita Stanić
Zdravka Prnić, Jelena Bakotin, Radovan Grkovski
Suzana Jovanović, Sanja Tudor, Ivo Ožić
Živana Petković Selimović

Contest Admins / Editors / Evaluators:  

Jadranka Bužimkić and Tigi Borg

We congratulate Award Winners, on their achievement in tough competition! We also thank all participating photographers for entering our contest! 

Please, take take a few minutes break to view the presentation containing all awarded photographers and images! 


You can review all works by visiting the 

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