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Contest Hunt The Oldtimer

Oldtimers drive!! Very exciting daily photo contest is behind us! The Lihghthunters and Friends produced a lot of interesting oldtimer car and motorbike photographs. We even got one image of famous 500+ years old Cristopher Columbo's ship! Woww, just try to imagine any of recent cars appearing some so many years ahead! :)

Our Guest Evaluator, contest referee was Marino Brkljača! He had very tough job to select and award some of so many great images! We welcome Marino's final decisions! 

Technical Excellence Award winer is Denis Peroš for indoor image of legendary Porsche! 

Denis Peroš

Artistic Impression Award winer is Dunja Kolar for her well produced truck image!

Dunja Kolar

Best Motive Award winer is Jelena Puškarić for her hippie like french car image! 

Jelena Puškarić

Best Processing Award winer is Goran Štefanek for his oldtimer image! 

Goran Štefanek

Most Liked Image Award winer is Matko Sumrak Suton for his image of legendary "Fićo" car! 

Marko Suton

Special Lighthunters Award winer is Helena Baričević for the absoutely fantastic and funny image of dumped hearse car! 

Helena Baričević

Lighthunters congratulate to Award Winners and all contest participating photographers! We thank Marino for excellent done guest evaluating!! 


Please, take the time to watch the daily presentation and return to our FB page to check the announcement of next daily contest!!