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Contest Hunt The Macro

Mini worlds! Micro worlds! So many of them, brought together today in our Daily Photo Contest "Macro and Close Up"!! 

Lighthunters and Friends chased dangerous and gentle bugs, spotted the flowers, examined the water drops and disclosed fine details of the objects surounding them. 

So many different motives, light conditions, cameras, lenses in action at one place! They uncovered to us so many miniature worlds and leave this contest behind as winners! 

Where to start? First, there was a smaller portion of real macro images! Many more images belong to close up images! 

So we decided to award separately some images in each subcategory.

Sonja Rojković got the most public praise and won the Most Liked Macro / Close up Award! 


Krešo Kufrin presented us the winning image for Macro Artistic Impression Award.

Kreso Kufrin

Mario Čehulić brought the world of cute jumping spiders and won Absolute Technical Excellence Award.

Hrvoje Čejulić

Mima Marić won the Close Up Artistic Impression Award! 

Mima Marić

Tomislav Tompa Zebić won Close up and Macro B&W Award! 

Tomislav Tompa Zebić

Mirela Korolija is the winner of Close up Technical Excellence Award! 

Mirela Korolija

Goran Štefanek presentest the most sympathetic look of a fly and won Coolest Motive Award! 

Goran Štefanek

Dina Bužimkić won the Close up Story Award! 

Dina Bužimkić

Goran Gogi Antić made this Special Present to our Admin Jadranka!!  Thanks,Gogi!! :)


We congratulate the Winners! It was all but an easy task to decide, because they had extremely strong competition! 


Prepare yourself a cafe or tea, take time and watch how our Macro and Close Up photographers presented the some of the smallest corners and creatures that surround us!