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Contest Hunt The Look

Lighthunters! LookHunters went today on special asignment, to hunt the looks into the camera! The resulting response was very well, submitting us images that may be rated from interesting to excellent in any mean!! 

As always, there is a diversity of photographed subjects and even objects, looking into our photographer's cameras!! People, cats, birds, dogs, and we eveng got an rarity, a direct tasman devil look!!! Cool stuf! :)

Our contestants and their friends were active in browsing today's gallery and liking many images, some for pure motive, others for outstanding photographic performance! Therefore one of our merits is the number of likes. 

Most Liked Look Award goes today to Mima Art photo of girl with her cat! 

Mima Art

Artistic Impression Look Award belongs to Darko Gereš' portrait of his granddaughter Lea.

Darko Gereš

Absolute Technical Excellence Award won Iva Janja Bezjak for an outstanding B/W look image! 

Iva Janja Bezjak

B/W Look Award goes to Heni Tade foor classy image and model's look! 

Heni Tade

Selfportrait Look Award won Helena Baričević, very talented in performing as wel as photography! 

Helena Baričević

Coolest Look Award winner is Vanja Vučinić for her image of redhair girl with very impressive look into her photographer's camera! 

Vanja Vučinić

Best Look Image Processing Award collects Krešo Kufrin for his white cat and the Moon! 

Krešo Kufrin

Most Sympathetic Animal Look Motive caught Biserka Marčević!!

Biserka Marčević

We congtatulate all Contest Award Winners as well as other participants! 

Please take a look at daily presentation, that includes all contestant's images, one per photographer! 


Enjoy and join us tomorrow in next Lighthunters daily photo contest!! :)