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Contest Hunt Male Portraits

MALE PORTRAITS was attractive contest to many photographers! So we received a lot of entries, mostly above the expected quality level, some even reaching into absolute portrait excellence! 

Selecting was no easy task! So, it took longer than usual! And, we finally have the award winners! 


Jasna Petrović Živković 

Jasna Petrović-Živković    

Marino Brkljača

Marino Brkljača  

Željko Krnčević

Žrljko Krnčević

Technical Excellence: 

Vladimir Jablanov 

Vladimir Jablanov

Boris Kačan

Boris Kačan

Best Motive:

Roman Romanski

Roman Romanski

B&W Portrait:

Zvonimir Pribanić                                                   Djani Bardoti

Zvonimir Pribanić        Djani Bardoti


Krešo Kufrin                                           Milenko Mrvoš

Krešo Kufrin         Milenko Mrvoš


Darko Šušovček

Darko Šušovček


Denis Peroš                                            Jelica Ristović

Denis Peroš    Jelica Ristović

Lighthunters Awards:

Radovan Grkovski, Anđelka Markić, Aly Alturaihy, Gabi Tkalec, 
Martina Šiljeg, Dragutin Vrbanec, Diana Cukar, Vesna Karavanić

We congratulae our Award Winners for their fine works! And we thank all participating photographers for making this contest very interesting and challenging! 

Please, take time to review very interesting contest presentation! 


Join us in our allready open FB photocontests! 

Have a good day and good light!