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Contest Happy Easter

Easter day contest was merely provisional, but you submitted some very serious photographs! So, we awarded a couple of the most interesting and best ones!

Technical Excellence: Diego Tikulin

Diego Tikulin

Art: Olja Jovanović

Olja Jovanović

Best Motive: 

Andrea Šipuš                                                 Jelena Puškarić

Andrea Sipus      Jelena Puškarić

Image processing: Marijan Škabić

Marjan Škabić

Atmosphere: Nikolina Šarić

Nikolina Šarić

Lighthunters Awards:

Kristina Klunić Bolković                              Ankica Magačić                                    Margarita Stanić
Kristina Klunić Bolković    Ankica Magačić   Margarita Stanić

We congratulate Awarded authors and thank all for participating the event. 

Please, take a look at Easter day presentation!


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