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Contest Hunt Snow Pets

Is there any greater photographer's pleasure, than being able to capture precious moments of beloved pets being happy, enjoing the care and love?! Lighthunters went today hunting the pets in snow and submitted many dear, fine and exciting images!! :)

In contests like this, the referees must look way beyond the photographs themselves, try to read the stories behind the images! None the less important is to evaluate various photographic elements that may have influenced on final outcome! 

The easiest job for the jurors is to count the likes, that represent the votes of contestants and visitors. 

The Most Liked Snow Pet Award won the beautiful snow dog portrait by Tea Keđimet

Artistic Impression Award won Tea Keđimet for her beautiful snowy dog portrait! 

Tea Keđimet

Technical Excellence Award goes to Ana Gašparović for her white cat in snow!

Ana Gašparović

Best Snow Pet Motive Award goes to Joško Dalmat Tomić for black cat in snow motive! 

Joško Dalmat Tomić

Best BW Snow Pet Award goes to Tomislav Veić for his dog sled image! 

Tomislav Veić

Best Snow Pet Processing Award goes to Jasna Bužimkić photo of ducks in Maksimir lake! 

Jsna Bužimkić

Best Snow Pet Collage Award goes to Marijan Forgač! 

Marijan Forgač

Funniest Snow Pet Motive Award won Bodljica Ježić for her Nera and snowman image! 

Bodljica Ježić

The Most Symphatetic Snow Pet Motive Award won Yelena Lana Schindler for her playful dog's Emma Lee and funny snowman!

Yelena Lana Schindler

Snow Pet Story Award goes to Jelica Ristović for her "big image" of children and their snow pet play! :)

Jelica Ristović

We congratulate our Contest Winners as well as all other contestants for participating and being among the best today! :)

Please watch the Snow Pet Presentation and meet our contestant's and their pets in snowy and other actions! Enjoy! :)


Visit us tomorrow again in next Lighthunters Daily FB Photo Contest "Hunt the Show"! 

Visit events, concerts, shows, parties and submit us your best images! Have a lot of action, fun, good light and success!!