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Spring... after gray and white winter, colors are returning, nature is awakening, people spend more time outdoors, and photographers grab their cameras and go Hunting the Spring! So, Lightnunters gathered in first weekly contest here at HTL to celebrate the most beautiful year season!  Take a look at the best images selection. 

Absolute Technical Excellence Award: 

Boris Vargović

© Boris Vargović, Croatia

Art Photography Award winners: 

Babi Ana

© Babi Ana, Croatia

Jasna Bužimkić

© Jasna Bužimkić, Croatia

Željko Salai

© Željko Salai, Croatia

Additional award categories: 
  • 7 Photos of the Day
  • Atmosphere
  • Impression
  • Motive
  • Photographic Perspective
  • Image Processing
  • Lighthunter
  • Novice.

Contest Editors: Jadranka Bužimkić and Tigi Borg. 

Contest Admin: Biljana Kovačević

Please, take a couple of minutes to enjoy contest presentation, displaying images from all participating authors!  


© 2014
Images © to their respective authors