Contest Hunt Travel Photography

Lighthunters brought a very impressive collection of travel photographs from all parts of the world into our daily contest. Again, the quality really outperformes the usual travel images, found on the net. 

After several days of reviewing, we finally decided on awarding the really best works!¨

Technical Excellence Awards share: 

Darko Rom                                                            Leo Kvarantan

Darko Rom     
Leo Kvarantan

Artistic Inpression Awards share: 

Matko Suton Sumrak                                                Igor Čavlek

Matko Suton Sunrak      
Igor Čavlek

Best Motive Awards share:

Dragan Đurić                                         Borjan Radolović  

Dragn Đurić      
Borjan Radolović  

Vladimir Jablanov

Vladimir Jablanov

Best Processing Awards share: 

Wolf Kopčić                                                            Vasja Pinzovski

Wolf Kopčić      
Vasja Pinzovski

Best Night Travel Image Award won 

Joško Dalmat Tomić.

Joško dalmat Tomić

Our last Most Liked Image Award won 

Helena Baričević.

Helena Baričević

Lighthunters Awards Winners are:

Zrinka Astrida Hrženjak, Siniša Almaši, Jasna Bužimkić, Željko Salai, Iva Buzdon and Rico Split.

We congratulate Awarded photographers and thank all participants for their fine images!!

Take the time to enjoy very interesting presentation, with so many exciting travel images from many interesting places all over the world! 


Welcome to our next daily photo contest! Wishing you all, The Good Light.