Contest Hunt The Messages

Messages!! All photographs should be carying them! It is all about direct visual and, if possible, nonverbal communication! But as open as this theme is, it also brings hight amount of pressure on authors to express creativity, technical and artistic skills to formulate the easy-to-understand message in photographic media.

We received very broad pallete of images, some of them carrying message clear and loud, while other authors used the verbal communication motives. Be it one way or another, many of the posted images were interesting and of good photographic quality! And for higher quality images, we prepared a set of awards.

Technical Excellence Award winner is More Plavo.

More Plavo

Artistic Impression Award winner is Denis Boban.

denis Boban

Best Motive Award winer is Nataša Kos.

Nataša Kos

Best B&W Image Award winner is Giordana Cikotić.

Giordana Cikotić

Best Image Processing Award Winner is Francesca Delbianco. 

Francesca Delbianco

The Lost Liked Image Award Winner is Andrea Šipuš.

Abdrea Šipu

Best Message Award Winners are:

Yelena Lana Schindler,  Dina Bužimkić,  Ana Jovanović,  Zoran Burazerović.

Lighthunters Awards won: 

Dujić Ivica,  Jelica Ristović,  Helena Baričević,  Goran Antić,  Marija Djedović,  Regina Koštan.

We congratulate the Awarded photographers and thank all participants for their entries. Please take a few moments to view the contest presentation! 


Join us in our next daily photo contest! Let the good light always be with you!