Contest Hunt The Hands

"Hands" was an interesting theme for photographers to express their creativity! We received many genuine works, that really topped the average!! 

Vesna Karavanić won the Most popular image Award, based on Likes! 

Vesna Karavanić

Tecnical Excellence Awards go to: 

Merima Buljanović                                                                                Denis Boban

Merima Bijanović     
Denis Boban

Artistic Impression Awards go to: 

Željko Krnčević                                                                                      Marta Slezak Pilić

Željko Krnčević             
Marta Slezak Pilić

Best Motive Awards go to:

Lucija Šimić                                                                                                     Željka Gracin

Lucija Šimić      
Željka Gracin

Best Image Processing Award goes to Sonja Prica Njaso.

Sonja Prica Njaso

Story Award goes to Živana Petković Selimović.

Živana Petković Selimović

Statue Hands Award goes to Nada Bolta Danilović.

Nada Bolta Daničović

Lighthunters Awards go to:

Kristina Klunić Bolković                                                         Ana Jovanović                                              Danijela Vlahović

Kristina Klunić Bolković     
Ana Jovanović     
Danijela Vlahović

Yelena Lana Schindler                                                     Zoran Barić                                                            Danijela Bolanča

Yelena Lana Schindler     
Zoran Barić    

We congratulate the Award Winners and thank all the participants for posting so many interesting images at contest wall! Please take a look at following presentation! 


After reviewing the presentation show, join our actual daily photo contest, submit images and support your fellow photographers by liking their images!