Contest Hunt The Cafe

Sunday! Coffe day at Lighthunters! Our daily contest was both, funny and interesting. You sent in many nice and well shot images, some with very interesting stories! 

Technical Excellence Award won Marjan Škabić! 

Marjan Skabic

Artistic Impression Award: Anisja Rossi.

Anisja Rossi 

Andrea Šipuš won the Best Motive Award.

Andrea Sipus

Dennis Sergo won Best Instalation Award.

Denis Sergo

Diego Tikulin won B&W Photography Award. 

Diego Tikulin

Dennis Czund won the Best Story Award.

Dennis Czund

Wolf Kopčić won the Best Processing Award.

Wolf Kopčić

Lighthunters Awards winners are: Maja Stamenković, Mara Divljakuša and Simona Radosavljević!

Maja Stamenkovic 

Mara Divljakusa

Simona Radosavljević

We congratulate the Winners on their achievement, as well as All Participants on submitting so many interesting and nice images... and for the joy and fun spirit in the contest! 

Enjoy the presentation now! 


Join Lighthunters in the next daily photo contest: "Paparazzi" photography! :)