Thursday, Feb 16th 2017 "HTL" culture centre welcomes next pnoto exhibition "The Final Gathering" (Croatian name: "Ptičice i prijatelji". Opening is scheduled for 6:30 PM - UTC+1. 
Current photo exhibiton at our "HTL" Gallery & Culture Center in Daruvar:

 "The Final Gathering" (Croatian name: "Ptičice i prijatelji")

from Feb 16th to Mar 12th 2017 welcomes your visit!  

Expo hosts photographs from 30 participating authors, as well as one from our late site founder Jadranka.

The Final Gathering

The idea to open Culture centre and Gallery is inspired by the memory to Jadranka (1958 - 2014), exceptional lady, dear friend,  co-founder and first HTL Editor. Her unsurpassed kindness and great passion for photography will always guide us to contribute to community first!

Sunset Lady

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